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Re: Website problems.
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Default Website problems.

If you want a good hosting they buy their shared hosting plan, they have same ip for over 2000 websites. Basicly, if your underddos they fixe it ASAP because they cannot afford to have 2k websites down.

Also, if i may suggest, have 2 different webhosting one for your website and one for your cheat client,

Hostgator provide hosting for 7$ a month. I am pretty sure your site would run #1 on one shared hosting,, and you buy another for your cheat client just in case, and have it ready as backup.

Also, you should make the authentication on a subdomain(if not already done) and make sure that particular subdomain is hosted with a nameserver that allow you to update the A record to a new ip with a 1 or 30 minute time to live(TTL) so that way, if you are under ddos, you can move your auth system to your temporary hosting just by switchiing the IP of subdomain.

Anyway just making suggestion, its really sad when i can't play all day because you are under massive ddos attack

Oh, and not to mention, that even if you have the most powerfull server you will get DDoS because if you remember big company like CIA got DDoS'ed it was all over the news few days ago.